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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  December 13, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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. we are live in san jose where police are investigating the death of a woman and we will tell you why they are calling it suspicious. also a big event begins in just a few hours here in the bay area and the highest tides of the year -- tides are about to arrive, stay tuned on the ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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well, good morning to you, welcome to a brand-new day, it is thursday, december 13th, i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook, let's get to steve paulson for the weather. today will be a very chilly day and we are struggling to get above 54, here is sal. we are looking at80 westbound which a decent drive all the way to berkeley. we have been following 101 traffic approaching the 880, we have a fatal car crash.
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let's go to tara moriarty. >> reporter: two cars were involved as well as a smaller sedan and a couple, a man and woman were driving in that sedan and were rear-ended by the suv. it is believed that the sedan was driving at a slow rate of speed and we don't know if that contributed to that accident and the women in the sedan is dead and it happened at 330. can you tell me if you know anybody who was involved in this crash. >> it appears they were coming down on the bridge and was rear- ended by a much larger suv. >> reporter: did drugs or alcohol play a factor or anything like that? >> right now the sobriety -- sobriety gives no indication of
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whether it was a factor. >> reporter: how long will the bridge be affected? >> like you said we are hopping to have more about -- hoping to have more in about an hour. >> reporter: this will be clear before 6:00 and traffic is moving along nicely as only one lane is affected towards the end of the print so we will of course let you know if anything changes with that or if we get anymore information regarding this accident but right now one woman is dead. tara moriarty. a woman whose body was found on a san jose street is
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being called suspect suspicious. -- suspicious. >> reporter: we do know the woman's body was found underneath this bridge here. officers were called just after 3:00 yesterday because they received a 911 call that a woman was lying facedown in the freak. at this point there are no obvious signs of trauma on her body but it does appear she was not there deceased for very long. they will not found the next of kin to identify her yet. they are using the creek to bathe and we don't know who this woman is or how she died, but the coroner's office tells me they plan on performing an autopsy to get more answers.
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jeanine della vague, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a bicyclist was seriously hurt after being hit by a street sweeper. it happened near 5th and brandon streets. the man became trapped under neath the street sweeper. a train slammed into his suv and that happened at 6:30 last night. the driver said his car got stuck on the train tracks. the driver has just left heading to sacramento and was not going fast. he was listed overnight as police ended their search for two robbery suspects. students and professors were
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finalliable to search for two armed men believed to be hiding on campus. the suspects were not found. >> the lockdown was part of a group of five men who robbed a gruel are you store and shot a clerk. one of the men led police on this chase. he said believe it or not, they were actually giving out toys to kids. new reports coming in from syria. at least 16 people were killed in a damascus suburb. a car packed with explosives are
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reportingly washington. they stay they may actually win the civil war. president barack obama and house speaker john boehner do not seem to be any closer on averting that fiscal cliff. ben bernanke said the lack much progress is already causing problems for the u.s. economy. governor jerry brown will continue to work a full schedule while he has prostate cancer. he is being treated and when he meat with them in san jose... >> one would never have known there are health issues going on in that 74-year-old body and
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we actually enjoy the conversation. >> brown will be treated with radio therapy and the prognosis is excellent and the treatment will be completed januarypth you -- january 7th. we also have the full statement released by his office, just look for the hot topic section. >> let's go to sal because something is happening on the bay bridge the san mateo bridge, the traffic so far has not been too too adversely affected -- too adversely affected. we also have more light coming into san francisco from oakland. looking at the west bay, no
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problems problems as you go to 880. what we have is a cold air mass. a cool and breezy day today. and some of that fog in the north bay could be awful. we will keep an eye on things. i know novato has not reported anything yet and there are some pockets up in the north bay. we have a lot of 30s and a lot of companies and cord cord 32 up in tahoe. everybody is in on that cold air mass and some is settling in and rapidly
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dropping down there. could be a few pop ups and then they split. watch what happens by friday morning. it could be happening in oakland and along the coast yet not happening in san jose or contra costa. it will be that type of a pattern and after saturday, one should come in again, and the systems are going so fast. chilly breezy, morning fog cooler on the 10th. cool and price i today, like
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luke late friday afternoon another system gets closer. highest tides of the year are headed for bay area beaches. watch out for the high tide flooding am that sign was posted this morning. they are spented to peak at 10:00 this morning and it has topped the entire embark zero -- i am bar car row. -- embark der row. brian flores is already out there and he will bring us a live update. two radio hosts are in trouble on a very tall a business what they said and why
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they are being punished. >> their shock about this story, what investigators think, what made a father carve a pen gram on his son's back. it still looks good and we will tell you the problems around the bay area commute. hey, look! a shooting star!
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. we want to warn you about the graphic nature of this story. jailed on a half million dollars of bail suspected of carving a pentagram on his son's back. i. >> inscribed a pentagram on my son's back. >> reporter: why did you do that? >> because it is a holy day. >> he attacked his son with a box cutter. >> his wife ran for help. the son spent the night in the hospital but was not deep enough for stitches. >> it breaks my heart because i didn't have any idea his daddy was capable of that. >> the pentagram was the size of a basket ball. child protective is now talking to both the mother and the
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child. bailouts loans floor greece will be given to them between now and march. they need the money and they needed it for awester are you measures including tax increases and spending measures. as tyler campbell reports, the country's top money man said our state is already taking a hit. there is news from ben bernanke this year. >> reporter: he said no action on the fiscal cliff is hurting us now. all the action is scaring investors and employers and they have until december 31l1stl0 to compromise. if not, all cuts kick in and ben bernanke says we are in trouble. >> it is already affecting
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business investments by creating uncertainty or pessimism. >> they could be staying negotiating into the new year. reporting live, tyler campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. two radio show hosts have been suspended about comments they made about a basketball player from fremont. he had surgery to become a woman and now the host steve zabin and a guest ranted about him and they said, that could be a russian chick, you loose test particular calls and gain eligibility. espn suspect -- espn suspended them for intolerance.
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their learjet went down in the hills of northern mexico. according to the los angeles times, the plane is linked to a company accused of faking safety records for the planes they bought. rivera was in the final stables of -- stages of buying the plane that crashed. coming up at 523, the details of the suit and who is blames for that deadly accident. there up a a lot happening -- there is not a lot happening. up on the high-rise, these are live pictures from the scene, and they are still cleaning it up and coroner is trying tree move one of the bodies from the vehicles. out to the commute this is a look at highway 24, it's not a
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bad commute and it looks good between walnut creek and oakland. and it is a decent alternate if you are trying to get to 101 and the peninsular. 101 is doing well. 35, coldest of the year and we have a ways to go. it is cold across the board. mostly clear, some patchy fog up in the north bay along with freezing temperatures. a few showers are in monterey and i can't say i blame them they can dissipate when they lose their support and they just run into very dry air.
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that is warmest. 30 in ukiah, 31 is in sacramento, everybody is on the edge of this cold air continuing to work its way in. and the next system coming in will split. the coast may get some rain, but it's really tough. i am confident he will make it here. it foes right along the coast and today chilly breezy and the morning lows will be in the 50s. 50 -- 52 and 53, that will be it. isolated showers and monday should be okay and monday
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increasing clouds. they are providing money to grease. they have mixed results and japanese markets have more on expert companies there. new zealand lost ground. futures right now, we want to get a fresh look at this. you can see a little bit of a mixed market but no big moves in either direction and it is a slight opening for the girl. it is involving justin bieber, what they are saying about an obsessed fan. and social media is trying to persuade interns to drop out of school, stay tuned.
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. investigators say a convicted killer in a new mexico prison was planning it, they wanted to kidnap justin bieber and his bodyguard and cass trait them. he is so obsessed with him, he has a tattoo on his leg and he
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apparently had second thoughts and called authorities. they blame the captain that happened back in april. the yacht named low speed chase during the fair lons race died. they claim the deceased captain caused the tragedy by cutting corners during that race. the lawsuit is against james bradford who by the way survived the crash. officers waved the building and they had up to 20 pounds a month and two pistols. authorities could have warned him before destroying everything. >> they could have called us. >> you need necessary permits
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and you need to follow the ordinance and that was not done. >> officers arrested two men and the man in charge of the pot grow intends to post bail for them and contact his attorney. >> the most and best to work for. they chronicled interns up to $5,600 a month. it is a fierce battle to find great young talent in the valley and they are trying to lure perspective designers to drop out of college an offer big pay days. well it will be a great night to see it and peak is around midnight with as many as 100 shooting stars an hour
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appearing to fly away from the constitution gem my. -- gem my. >> let's see what is happening. northbound 280 getting to the west valley and sunole grade traffic looks good heading to the south bay and we have been updating the san mateo bridge situation and they are still working on that and we will have more coming up on that in just a few minutes. >> we have cold reading, only a few 40s. we could have partly cloudy skies later on and mainly a cool one, day of. they are working to make people safer this holiday
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season. the king tides are back and we will tell you what you can expect this morning. plus there was a fatal sorry and how it is a affecting the morning commute.
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thursday december 13th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. >> let's go to steve paulson for the weather. 39 on the coast is darn cold and there is some lower 30s and singels up in chuckky. really cool highs today as well, here is sal. bay bridge toll plaza is getting okay. we are having a fatal accident on the west side of the bridge. let's go to tara moriarty with this news, what is going on now? >> this was a substantial accident and they are trying to get the body out and the coroner is on the scene. >> reporter: a man was driving that sedan and he is fine but
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the woman in the passenger seat was killed just after 3:30 this morning. officers say the dead dan was driving at a slow speed. the suv came in time. the officers we spoke to earlier is troops this woman was not wearing a seat belt. the man on the scene is very distraught as you can imagine. emergency crews say they will be cleared out and only one lane is affected so traffic is doing fine as you head into san at&t this morning. i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. police in san leandro are searching for the thief who stole a truck and smashed it
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into a fence. the truck was stolen on marina boulevard at 8:15 last night. a gps system inside the truck, it was found crashed into a fence on fair way drive but nobody was inside. happening right now, big surges are about to hit area beaches. brian flores is where it could trigger some tides. >> reporter: that's right, this place is notorious for flooding for high tides. go ahead and take a look around. the ground i am stepping on is still muddy and there are pockets of standing water and there are signs telling people high tide flooding is expected
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today. in terms of this, we actually had one in november and there is another one expected in january and then in been. but the later part of this morning some time around 7:00. around 745 here it will be expected. >> and we saw it along where it covered a large portion of the beach or. ocean beach, we are looking at half-moon bay and also a long rivers and creek and it is a mix of government be agencies and you can go ahead and
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subject might those as well. we will be keeping an eye on transportation issues and as we mentioned there is a lot of standing water issues and we will be keep egg an eye on the king tides as well. on our website, you can share your photos of the king tides with us and we would love to see it just click on it. they are now talking about what happened. 56-year-old man was killed tuesday night as he was unloading grow are yous from his -- groceries from his car. he operated a clinch i am in and -- clinic and came to this country 12 years ago and had two adult children. >> i can't think of anybody who doesn't like him. he walks his dog every day in
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the community. everybody likes him he said hi to everybody. >> neighbors have been worried sense security happened. we are learning more about that oregon and sold all his possessions and told his girlfriend he was moving to hawaii. his mother does not understand her son's behavior. roberts is accused of randomly killing a man and woman and woning the man. he was a father of two and the woman, she was described as
5:37 am
aboved caretaker. she is recovering from surgery after being pitched in the chest. it is possible an officer may have been behind the wheel. >> a social media post says a police officer was driving this car 100 miles per hour while drunk. coming up, how the sergeant is defending himself this morning. and the oakland police department could begin work next month. and it toes fall short from the riders police description scandal. bart is increasing security to make sure holiday commuters
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are safer during the holiday season. bart will be providing escorts through the parking lot and they are putting up more downtown. it is busy and how does it look on the san mateo bridge? >> it's not all that bad, pam, we have been watching it and tara has been on the scene avenue fatal crash and this is giving us a look at the scene. some of the emergency vehicles are blocking that right lane and we will keep an eye on it for you. let's look at san francisco, 101 approaching the 880 split, there are no problems and we have more coming across into the city. i want to focus on the dumbarton bridge a little bit and that traffic looks good, if
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you are driving from palo alto. >> sal, we should mention black ice. >> really, is it that cold? >> yes. >> so you should mention it. >> 10 / 4. >> yes, it is in parts of san francisco and mill valley, 2 degrees up in the valley and partly cloudy skies, and and few scattered showers are likely and i will mention it for the santa clara valley because it could pop up over the hills. it is mainly north bay and a couple of reports in the north bay, some of that could be really thick and you pair that with low temperatures and
5:40 am
anything inland falls out out. officially 30s are you will other over the place and the next system will split, it will go right along parallel to the coast and it is really a fine line and i will deal with it tomorrow. chilly breezy and 50s on the temperatures. ever 3 top to bottom, leaving with increasing clouds on monday. happening right now nominees for the 70th gold den globe awards are being done. >> best supporting actor for a
5:41 am
motion picture, leonardo dicaprio. and, unchanged. best performance by an actress, jessica chatter. >> of course this is the golden gloves and that's a -- that is the information and we will let you know who the big ice are in just a little bit. >> time now 4:40, a planned protest in just a couple of hours. >> i have no choice they put me on an airplane and now i am here. >> -- john mcafee and now he is here and will tell us why he is
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. good morning, it is cold out there, lots of low 30s, patchy fog in the north bay, cool, breezy, a few cloudy build ups coming up. and here is your top story coming up, a san mateo bridge crash on the far lane of the bridge it is still blocked after a deadly crash. several vehicles were involved and a woman was killed. the investigation continues. and they are investigating the death of a woman's body who was found on the street. the cause of her death is still
5:45 am
being investigated but they believe it is a suspicious death. and if you live along the coast you should see some of the highest tides of the year. they are expected to peak and bring flooding to parts of the bay area. john mcafee arrived on u.s. soil after he was deported from guatemala. he has been on the run from belize where he is wanted for questioning in the disappearance of his neighbor. they say police are out to get him. >> i have been speaking openly and i am a thorn in their side and they want to shut me up. unfortunately now that i am here they cannot shut me up. >> he said he is happy to talk with them if they come to the u.s. we now know about the call
5:46 am
after a nurse was tricked by the radio host. she was found hanging from a scarf on the wardrobe door in her room. there were no suspicious circumstances. they found her on friday. a controversial video is being investigated, it is believed to be of a fellow police officers driving a lamborghini through the tunnel at 100 miles per hour. now the up until has a 35 miles per hour speed limit and this video posted to the facebook page of carl t. 100 miles per
5:47 am
hour. and included a comment which said everybody was drunk at the time. >> we can't have folks going through the tunnel at 100 miles per hour. >> they are investigating this video internally. it reads in part the comment, i was most definitely not drunk. my assertion that i was driving that fast was just a comment and the comment about being drunk was purely tongue and cheek. uc berkeley will be raising tons at 10:00 a.m. they claim the charitable organization discriminates
5:48 am
against gays lesbians even though he now may be a believer. last second basket. he stunned them with a 15 and 15th record in the division. >> we have a chance to give to families in need. a's pitchers ryan cook will strayed autographs for food donations. it will be going to correction. >> the records number of drivers will be hitting the road this year and we will have
5:49 am
more on that. let's see how the roads are starting to look. we are looking good for the most part and they are fitting some things out of that and it looks a lit almost bit heavy even though the activity is on the right hand shoulder. a there is a little bit of slow traffic i am at the toll plaza. you still have an opportunity with a little delay. 548, let's go to sal. man, it's cold out there. a little bit of patchy fog up in the north bay, watch out for that, otherwise it is going to be breezy and very cool. clouds are popping up over the
5:50 am
hills. a shower or two is possible, not as great, we had some reports of hail and again the atmosphere is a little under stable. this but the in each throw 40s. 30 in ukiah and 30 in eureka. everybody is in on this. mostly supplement any price i cool today, next system, i will teal with it tomorrow. it is a 12 hour slot there. been 52 to 54, it doesn't
5:51 am
matter everybody is cooler and increasing clouds on monday. and they are likely to hear opposition for his plan for bane result i. -- bank run i. they favor a merger with u.s. airwaves. right now they will now charge between 68 and 88 adds perfect more and they are responding to complaints about the at on fees and they will still offer basic protection without those add on fees . and the most popular
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mapping service has come out earlier this year when apple decided to end tall their open. they didn't want to lose their google map and now it is bad. what state oh phillips are hoosh moving moo your area. plus, it rely end seerly on your some but will it fly?
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. good morning, mainly clear patchy fog, widespread 30s all over the peninsular, high 50s. two swiss engineers plan to fly around the world in a completely solar powered plane and do it by the year 2015. it has already flown 2500 miles to africa. but they have to see how they can pilot the plane through -- pilot the plane through the night and there is no sunlight.
5:56 am
if you are driving for the christmas holiday plan on being on the roads. there will be more people driving on the holidays since 1996 and that translates to more than 84 million people going someplace in a car and that's a new record. the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lemar is charged with three more crimes. his hair has grown and lost weight. he is accused of kidnapping three went from safe way and he has not entered a plea in the disappearance and killing of sierra lemar. prosecutors say there could be more charges and suspects in a brutal beating. they were bound gagged and
5:57 am
dumped on a san francisco street. the victim later died. they were first attacked inside a home in hercules, a warning to journalists to stay away. they entered not guilty pleas and the 5th will be arraigned tomorrow. bay area residents with a 415 zone. it will be used up by 2015. they are looking into adding 628. they are going to decide whether to divide that zip code or a sign a new air code only to new numbers. >> we have don't like to change their area code. let's check in with sal.
5:58 am
we are looking at the san mateo bridge it looks like on the hayward side it looks okay and when you get to the other side you will see traffic on the high-rise section also there is traffic on the dumbarton but it is still a better commute. let's go back to the desk. we have been following a deadly crash on the san mateo bridge. these are live pictures and you will see how traffic is affected out there. also hear what governor jerry brown's office said about his ability to lead california. it's two 9 out there and it will be very cool coming up.
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